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Menardville Texas Before 1899 Flood

2012 December 22

On December 24, 1898, N. H. Rose took this photo of the sleepy little town of Menardville Texas, five months before the big flood of June 6, 1899, see flood photo at my post Menardville Texas 1899 Flood.  This photo was taken off the big hill on the west side of town looking due east.  You can see the courthouse and jail at the top right of the photo (both buildings were later razed). The San Saba River is on the left side behind the long row of buildings on main street downtown.  The town became Menard when the railroad came to town on February 10, 1911, and they wanted a shorter name on the sign.


So glad to have new visitors and hope you’ll come back soon and see what I might see Out My Kitchen Window.  Merry Christmas to all!!!


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