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1924-Fifth Annual Reunion for Texas Rangers Held at Menard

2014 February 13
by Jan Wilkinson

Frontier Times, Vol. 2, No. 1 October, 1924, as written by J. Marvin Hunter

The Texas Ex-Rangers’ Association met at Menard

August 13, 1924 for its fifth annual reunion. The old boys were

royally entertained for the three days, and besides the members of the

Old Guard who were present there from different parts of the state.

A great barbecue was given, at which more than two tons of meat was

barbecued for the last day. It was a great gathering, and old boys of the

frontier greeted comrades they had not seen in half a century. They

swapped reminiscences and experiences with each other, and recalled

many an exciting chase after Indians or outlaws, or recalled battles in

which they participated while in the Ranger service. In the early days it

was the Texas Rangers and the Minute Men who drove the Indians back,

and broke up the gangs of outlaws and other lawless characters that

infested the western and the southwestern portion of the state. In a few

years all the original Texas Rangers will have passed on, but the record of

their heroic achievement will remain as a lasting monument. Officers for

next year are: W. M. Green, Meridian, Major; N. N. Rogers, Post, Captain;

A. T. Richie, Comanche, First Lieutenant; W. H. Roberts, Llano, Second

Lieutenant; Ed H. Wallace, Fort Worth, Adjutant; Miss Ruby Green,

Meridian, Secretary-Treasurer; J. O. Allen, Cookville, Chaplain; C. M.

Grady, Brownwood, Color Bearer; W. Y. Luke, Weatherford, Assistant Color

Bearer. The following members registered at this reunion:

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