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Wilkinson Family Photos

2019 April 13
by Jan Wilkinson

We are lucky to have many family photos in our collection.  Facebook works for sharing but makes it hard to find in the future.

Here are three Allen Studio, San Angelo, Texas photos of Wilson Lamar and Mayme Turner Wilkinson and their only child, Francis Lamar Wilkinson, estimated to be 1923.  F.L. would have been about 8 years old.  They were living in Sutton County on the Riley Ranch when these were taken.

Wilkinson, Wilson Lamar Allen Studio photo without cover

Wilson Lamar Wilkinson, 1923c

Wilkinson Mayme Lousie Turner portrait Allen Studio without cover

Mayme Louise Turner Wilkinson, 1923c

Wilkinson, Francis Lamar as a child portrait Allen Studio without cardboard frame

Francis Lamar Wilkinson, 1923c

This precocious young boy, Francis Lamar, enjoyed riding his pet Angora goat in the pasture at the Riley Ranch in Sutton County, around 1923.  He was my children’s grandfather and was precocious until his death in 2000.

Wilkinson, FL riding angora goat in pasture from back est age 8 1923Wilkinson, FL riding angora goat in pasture est age 8 1923Wilkinson, F L riding an angora about age 8 est 1923

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