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Early Maps of Kerr County

2012 May 11
by Jan Wilkinson

My good friend and fellow blogger, Joe Herring had this post today about the early maps of Kerr County. As he stated, I found these on the Internet and shared with him.  He also said; while these are not really quality images, because you can’t magnify them and see all the details, they do give you a rough idea of what the area looked like in the early days of the county.  The oldest, from around 1850, doesn’t show Kerr County or Kerrville; the nearest marked landmark is Bandera Pass.  Many thanks to Joe for the post and sharing these with all of us.  Click HERE to visit Joe’s history blog.

Red outline for Kerr County c1850. Note Bandera Pass on the map.


Historic map of Kerr County c1855 (Texas General Land Office)

Historic Map of Kerr County c1873 (Texas General Land Office).



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