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Menardville: The Pride of Summerland

2014 August 20

There was a pamphlet written and printed by John W. Hunter, the publisher of the Menard County Enterprise in 1905 that names Menardville – Summerland.  The below pages are from the Don Wilkinson collection and are a Special Edition about our little valley town and are possibly written by Mr. Hunter. These could be from multiple publications and at different times and dates but what a great description of the people and town in our part of Central Texas in the Edwards Plateau.




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  1. August 24, 2017

    Gayla, This is my history and genealogy blog and so glad you enjoyed the post. Hope you enjoy reading more on this page. Jan Wilkinson

  2. Gayla Miller Webb permalink
    August 21, 2017

    This history has been enjoyed so much. Thanks Marilyn for sending this time. I am interested in more as the time progresses to present time frame.

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